About Maine Fishing Adventures

I’m Kevin McKay.   I’m a Master Maine Guide, a “born and raised” Mainer, and I live in the greater Bangor area.  I guide on the most beautiful waters in Maine, including the Penobscot and Kennebec Rivers.

I have lived and fished here all my life. My family and friends would tell you I’ve brought my passion for fishing to a whole new level.  I have been fly fishing for more years that I can remember and I have stalked fish all over the state of Maine and beyond.

I greatly enjoy guiding.  For me, it’s truly not a job – it’s my purpose in life.   I named my guide service Maine Fishing Adventures because my goal is to provide my clients with true fishing adventures where they can experience some of the best fishing encounters they’ve ever had. Any angler can enjoy this journey; those new to fly fishing will benefit from tips in the techniques and proper skills needed while the experienced angler will be provided the right flies and the opportunity to be reliably put onto fish – often trophy fish!

A variety of trips are offered through Maine Fishing Adventures, LLC.  My goal is to provide my clients memorable fishing, beautiful Maine scenery, lots of laughs and great times. Whether we are wading in rivers or fishing from the comforts of my drift boat or Bass boat, clients are ensured an experience they’ll always remember.

Join me for your next Maine fishing adventure!

What to bring and what to Expect

So – what should you bring on a Maine Fishing Adventure?  Here are a few tips that’ll help you enjoy your day…

  1. Clothes…make sure you dress appropriately.  Maine has very changeable weather; a good rain jacket is always advisable.  Layered clothing is always best in cooler temperatures.
  2. Sun protection.   Fishing from the boats exposes us to lots of sun; don’t forget your sunscreen and SPF rated clothes.  A good hat is priceless.  Polarized sunglasses are not only good for your eyes, but help you see fish below the water’s surface.
  3. Fishing gear – completely up to you.  If you’d like to bring your own rods, flies, etc. you’re more than welcome to do so.  On the other hand, I’m always happy to provide you with the best new Scott fly rods, and I’ll always have plenty of the right flies available.  (If you’d like to see some of them, check out “The Master’s Fly Box” by David Klausmeyer from Fly Tyer books.  David included a chapter in the book on my flies and me.)
  4. One thing you won’t need is a net – I’ll handle that for you!

What should you expect on your adventure?

  1. Great fishing!  We’ll go places I’ve fished many hundreds of times…years of experience on these waters means I’ve got a mental library of where the fish are & what they eat.  They’re still wild fish and still always wily, but we’ll always have plenty of opportunity to hook up with some real beauties.
  2. Great food!  On day trips I’ll provide shoreside lunches that’ll be more than just a snack.  We’ll enjoy any one of a number of great meals – we’ll agree on what we’ll have before we go (yes, you do get a vote!)  I’ll always have plenty of cold water aboard – no need to worry about bringing your own.
  3. Great fun!  You’ll find out pretty quickly that I’m just as passionate about fun as I am about fishing.  When we’re together, there’s going to be a lot of laughing done…so be ready!  I love seeing big fish, but even more so I love seeing clients with huge grins and hearing a good laugh.  Fishing is, to me, pure enjoyment – so let’s enjoy!


Outstanding Guided trip on the Penobscot.

Kevin was a fantastic guide.  He has the knowledge, skill and experience necessary to keep the experienced fly-fisher on fish and the know-how, patience and sense of humor necessary to work with the novice fly-fisher.  Our evening on the Penobscot was more than memorable and we not only recommend Kevin, but would definitely give him our business again.

Richard Reinecke


“Kevin, hey all joking aside I wanted to take a moment to let you know what you and this trip meant to me. Being the second trip with you and being a novice fly fisherman at best, learning to cast was one of the two important components of the trip. Due to your expertise and extensive knowledge of your craft you were able to make my casting tolerable and incredibly fun and we caught many fish. The second important thing was being able to be with my 81 year old father. It’s priceless and sad to know time is running out and regardless how we plan it’s a numbers thing at his age so to have you as our guide it made fishing effortless with the things that distract from the purpose of having a guided trip. You are top notch Kevin and you made my time with dad awesome and again another trip ending with him thanking me for putting it together and a big hug which I know means he just loved it and me. That was largely in part to your skill. So thank you my guide and friend my admiration in spades.”



What a fantastic day on the water, all thanks to Kevin McKay’s expertise and passion for the sport. I’m 72, and Kevin made catching tons of big bass not only possible, but even easy and enjoyable … “guiding” in the best possible sense.

I’ve fished with guides all around the country, and I’ve never had better results or more fun than with Kevin McKay!

Mike Clark

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