Maine Musky Fishing

Maine musky fishing

Maine’s population of muskellunge originated from an introductory stocking in Lac Frontiere by the Quebec Government around the late 1960’s. Lac Frontiere lies at the headwaters of the Northwest Branch of the Saint John River, which provides a travel corridor for musky to access  Maine waters. The state record musky was taken in 2010, in the St. John River, it was 48 ” and weighed 33 lbs. Musky are thought to be a fish of 10,000 cast but luckily here in Maine that isn’t the case, they are still hard to catch but do to high populations and low fishing pressure your odds of hooking up, are higher here than most places in the country.

We offer fly fishing and spin fishing trips for musky. We can help you plan your next musky adventure.

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